Bill Gudmundson's MODEL COLLECTION

Bandai Gamera 1965 Kaiyodo Bemura Resin Chef Magma
Billiken Bemura Kaiyodo Giron (Ultra 7) Resin Chef Titanosaurus
Billiken Eleking (Ultraman) Kaiyodo Godzilla 1968 Tsukuda Gamera 1995
Billiken Godzilla 1962 Kaiyodo King Ghidorah Tsukuda Gyaos
Billiken Godzilla 1975 Kaiyodo Majin TVC Mothra Larva
Billiken Kanegon Kaiyodo Telesdon Volks Angurius
Billiken King Kong Kaiyodo Twin Tail Volks Baragon
Billiken MechaGodzilla 2 KOC Godzilla 1989 vs Biollante Rose Volks War of the Gargantuas
Billiken MechaGodzilla 2 Diorama Max Factory Takong Volks Gigan
Billiken Namegon (UltraQ) MIM War of the Gargantuas Volks Godzilla 1964
Billiken Ultraman C Paradise Godzilla 1964 Volks Gorosaurus
Bill's Kitchen Flying Hedorah Paradise Mogera (Mysterians) Volks Hedorah
Bill's Kitchen Manda Paradise Varan Volks Megalon
Falchion Twin Tail (Ultraman) Resin Chef Gaborah Volks Minya
General Products Mogera Resin Chef Godzilla 1968 Volks Rodan
Kaiyodo Anguirus 1968 Resin Chef Kamakiras Volks Titanosaurus
Kaiyodo Atragon Resin Chef King Caesar Wave Mothra Larvas
Kaiyodo Biollante Resin Chef Kumonga  
Favorite modeler: I guess that Takuji Yamada would top the list. Mike Wallace would be in there.
And that guy on the website.
Favorite sculptor: I'd have to say Atsushi Asai right now. Sakai is on the list, but all he does are Godzilla's now. I like to see someone doing the other monsters.
Favorite sculpt: The Billiken MechaGodzilla 2 is way up there. The Asai King Ghidorah is also there.
Favorite kit that you've built: The Billiken MechaGodzilla 2
Kit that you're most looking forward to building: The Asai King Ghidorah, when I find some room!
Paint preference: Acrylic with Oil washes
Bills kitchen: Image 1
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