Kaiyodo Godzilla 1968 20 cm vinyl kit (Sakai)
Kaiyodo Anguirus 1968
Kaiyodo King Ghidorah resin kit (Sakai)
Kaiyodo Varan: (I drastically changed his pose)
Minya (sculpted by a friend of mine,Greg Follender, using sculpy).
Kaiyodo Mothra Larva vinyl kit. Eyes light up!
KOC Baragon Appearance kit
Kumonga (Old incredible shrinking man spider redone).
Monsters in motion Manda (Reposed and resculpted by me).
Kaiyodo Rodan resin kit. (I had to make the spikes and finger/claws).
Gorosaurus (Bashed Bandai toy - Reposed, mouth cut out & added new teeth and tongue).
SY-3: Custom made by the one and only Jim Walsh!

Modeled & painted by: Robert Troch