Atragon Kaiyodo Godzilla 1964 (30 cm)
Billiken Baragon Kaiyodo Godzilla 1968 (20 cm)
Billiken Godzilla 1962 Kaiyodo Godzilla 1968 (20 cm) "Big Splash"
Billiken Godzilla 1965 Kaiyodo Godzilla 1968 (20 cm / 3 Verisons)
Billiken Godzilla 1975 Kaiyodo SY-3
Kaiyodo Anguirus 1975 Wave Baragon
Kaiyodo Godzilla 1954 (20 cm)  
Kaiyodo Godzilla 1968 vs BK Manda
Favorite modeler: Takuji Yamada, the master of dioramas, is probably my favorite.

But I'd like to add that there are a number of builders at kaijukits.com whose collections pictures inspire me & give me ideas about ways to build and paint my own kits.

Favorite sculptor: Yuji Sakai ( of course ) but Bill Gudmundson is a close second. Bill has a
comparable eye for pose, attention for detail, and ability to bring a sculpt to life.
Favorite sculpt: Wave Baragon, Kaiyodo Godzilla 1968 & Kaiyodo Vinyl Godzilla 1964 (1/200 scale).
Favorite kit that you've built: When I look at the 3 Toho spaceships I've scratchbuilt - the JX-2, MOONLIGHT SY-3, and the P-1, I get a great sense of satisfaction. Even though there are more talented people than me in the hobby, and better sculptors and model-makers, it doesn't detract from the feeling I get when I look at those ships and think, "Wow, did *I* really make those?!" After doing those, I feel like I can make any monster or mecha of my own... given enough time, of course...
Kit that you're most looking forward to building: Daimos Moonlight SY-3! You can never have too many mecha, and that model look so well done that it's impossible for a hardcore mecha fan like me to resist.
Paint preference: Acrylics (Polly Scale is my favorite brand).
Jim's web site: http://www.eclipse.net/%7Ewalshj0/index.htm