Topic: Recasting Models

By: John Tucky

Greetings, fellow G-Fans. Doc asked me to say a few words about recasting which is probably the most heated topic among kitbuilders that you could ever find. It's like talking about religion or politicks and almost guaranteed to cause an argument.

    There are basically three factions, the ones that think it is WRONG no matter what the circumstances, those that don't care, do it or buy it and believe in some why that is RIGHT (mostly because of $$$'s) and, the third group (where I personally fall) which is somewhere in the middle. They might not think it's right but they might buy one anyway.

    These are my own personal thoughts. If the kit is currently available from the manufacturer, it is wrong to buy the recast. If it is a kit which has been discontinued and can't be found anywhere, it's a little less wrong. But even here, there's a gray area. What if the original manufacturer was intending on rereleasing the kit at some point? The recast potentially hurts the sales of the rerelease. For me I think it boils down to this. If you are taking money out of someone else's pocket, it's wrong. I had one of my kits recast. I tracked down the person who did the recasting and was able to convince the individual to stop what he was doing and surrender the molds.

    Of course there is an argument on the other end (especially when it comes to some very rare Kaiju kits) as well. Limited Godzilla kits from Japan are too expensive. Case in point, the limited Godzilla with King Ghiedra wrapped around him. This was a limited kit for a Wonderfest show in Japan and only 100 were made. Everyone wanted this kit. Someone in China recast the kit. The original sold in the US for over $600.00. The recast sold for about $175.00. Only a handful of the originals made it to the U.S. but I saw the recast being sold by at least four of the major kit dealers here in the U.S. Was this a service or a crime? I don't know the answer.  Another example. I carry the KOC Godzilla being attacked by the Adult Mothra  which sells for about $450.00. Someone recast the kit and was selling it at the Chiller show in New York for $150.00. Will I continue to carry this kit? No, what's the point? My wholesale cost on the kit is much higher that the cost of the recast I can't compete with it. Do I blame the collectors who bought the $150.00 version? Not at all. Most of us are struggling along, paying off car loans, rent, mortgages, credit card bills, etc. How can you  blame someone for wanting to save $300.00? Do I think it's right? No, but I see the gray area in between the black and white.Would I buy a recast of Kong shoving the tree down Godzilla's throat? In a second. Would I buy a recast of Needful Thing's Godzillasaurus? No, and I would turn in the person doing the recasting. I think the bottom line here is that each of us has to decide if it's right or wrong to buy a particular recast. If it's hurting someone, your conscience will remind you. By the way, anyone know where I can get a Kaiyodo Mecha King Ghiedra?