Bandit MechaGodzilla 1993 Kaiyodo Godzilla 1991 Paradise Rodan 1956
Billiken Baragon Kaiyodo Godzilla 1992 Paradise Varan
Billiken Godzilla 1954 Kaiyodo Godzilla 1993 Reds Fire Rodan
Billiken Godzilla 1962 Kaiyodo Godzilla 1994 Tsukuda Destroyer
Billiken Godzilla 1965 Kaiyodo Godzilla 1995 Tsukuda Flying Gamera 1996
Billiken Godzilla 1975 Kaiyodo Godzilla (super deformed) Tsukuda Gamera 1999
Billiken Jet Jaguar Kaiyodo Godzilla Jr. Tsukuda Godzilla 1993
Billiken King Kong Kaiyodo Legion Tsukuda Godzilla 1994
BK Flying Hedorah Kaiyodo Mecha King Ghidorah Tsukuda Gyaos
Ester Gamera 1967 Kaiyodo Mothra Larva 1992 Tsukuda Hyper Gyaos
Falchion Ebirah Kaiyodo Space Godzilla

Tsukuda Irys

Falchion Gamera 1995 KOC Godzilla vs Biollante Rose Tsukuda Legion Soldier
Falchion Mothra Larva 1992 KOC Godzilla 2000 Tsukuda Little Godzilla
Inoue Arts MechaGodzilla 2

KOC Grand King Ghidrah

Tsukuda MechaGodzilla 1993
Kaiyodo Angurius 1955 KOC Orga Tsukuda Morgera
Kaiyodo Anguirus 1968 M-1 Biollante Tsukuda Space Godzilla
Kaiyodo Barugon M-1 Gamera (Flying) 1995 Volks Godzilla 1966
Kaiyodo Battra M-1 Gamera 1996 Volks Godzilla 1967
Kaiyodo Battra Larva M-1 Godzilla 1964 Volks Godzilla 1984 (Cybot)
Kaiyodo Cosmos M-1 Godzilla 1989 Volks Godzillasaurus
Kaiyodo Desghidorah Max Factory Godzillasaurus Volks Gorosaurus
Kaiyodo Destroyer Crab Max Factory Godzilla 1991 Volks Gyaos 1967
Kaiyodo Gamera 1966 Medicom Baby Godzilla Volks Hedorah
Kaiyodo Gamera 1996 Pao Gamera 1996 Volks MechaGodzilla 1974
Kaiyodo Gamera 1999 Pao King Ghidorah Volks Minya
Kaiyodo Gamera (super deformed) Paradise Baragon Volks Titanosaurus
Kaiyodo Godzilla 1954

Paradise Godzilla 1954

Wave Baragon
Kaiyodo Godzilla 1955 Paradise Godzilla 1962 Wave Gigan
Kaiyodo Godzilla 1962 Paradise Godzilla 1964 Yamakawa Cretaceous Ghidrah
Kaiyodo Godzilla 1968 Pao Hyper Gaos Yamakawa Godzilla X Megaguirus
Kaiyodo Godzilla 1984 Paradise Manda Zokei Kobo Godzilla vs King Ghidora "Wrap"
Kaiyodo Godzilla 1984

Paradise Mothra

? Space Godzilla (Super deformed)
Kaiyodo Godzilla 1989 Paradise Mothra Larvas  
Favorite modeler: Bill Jones & Bill Gudmundson
Favorite sculptor: Yuji Sakai & Bill Gudmundson
Favorite sculpt:
Favorite kit that you've built: Kaiyodo Destroyah Crab & M-1 Biollante
Kit that you're most looking forward to building: Whatever kit FINALLY brings me back into buliding / painting / collecting....everyone better hope that never happens :)
Paint preference: Acrylics
Doc's web site: Your lookin' at it